Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vastu for the Bedrooms

Since we are spending one-third of our lives in the bedroom, its location is of utmost importance. Spending close to eight hours a day in the same area, the inherent properties of specific zones work on our subconscious and mould our life accordingly.

The location of a bedroom and the sleeping position has a bearing on our mental and physical well being. Different zones in the Vastu having particular significance are suited for different family members. The shuffling of bed rooms between family members, allocation of the right bedroom for each member and correction of the sleeping position can bring about definite positive results for the household.
location of Bedrooms in the house
Avoid having bedrooms in the North East and South East sectors of the house. In case of a bedroom in North East, only the elderly or children should use it. This bedroom is not good for the master of the house or for a young couple.
Use the South West or South bedroom for the master of the house or for the elder son. South East bedroom give rise to sleeplessness, worries and marital problems. If the head of the family is in South East, he is found to be constantly embroiled in disputes. Newly married couples should definitely avoid this room. This is also not a good zone for pregnant ladies.
Importance Of Sleeping Position
Sound sleep is essential for our physical and mental well being. Our body rejuvenates itself during the time we are sleeping. It is recommended for people to sleep with their heads to the South. Our ancients advised that the body enjoys perfect health and longer life by sleeping with head towards the South. Sages like Mankandeya and Garga have said that one should lie with his head towards South for strengthening health and longevity.
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