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Vastu and Colours

Colours speak a powerful language of their own and have remarkable effect on our environment, mood and health. Colours have the capacity to either depress or exhilarate and play an important role in our health and happiness.

The colours are also linked with three Gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Blue, Green, White and light colours are considered Sattvic. Rajasic colours are the bright fiery reds, oranges and pinks and the inert, tamasic colours are all dark-browns, navy, blue, green and black. The dark colours are best avoided in a house as they tend to sap your energy and cause depression. It is preferable to use softer, lighter and more sattvic colours throughout the residence.

Colours can be used to yield positive results either as denoted by various planets having rulership of different directions or as signified by different ascending signs for individuals. Your favourable colours as per your ascending sign or as per numerology can be used by way of clothes you wear, bedsheets, curtains and upholstery you opt for. Your personal preference about colours says a lot about your personality. For instance, people who like red colour are usually strong and energetic. Red is the colour of energy, restlessness and rashness. It is assigned to Mars. Red colour indicates power and authority. Be careful not to use opposing colours or colours of planets which are malefic according to your personal horoscope.

Ascending Signs And Colours

Each sign or Rasi is governed by its governing planet. In order to enjoy good luck, ascertain your ascending sign and use the colours indicated in the following table:


Ascendent     Favourable Colours                                      Unfavourable Colours

1.  Aries           Red, Copper, Yellow, Golden             Black

2.  Taurus        Blue, Green, White, Pink                    Red

3.  Gemini       Green, Yellow, Purple                         Red, Black
                        Blue, Pink

4.  Cancer       Green, White, Cream                         Blue, Black
                        Red, Yellow

5.  Leo             Orange, Red, Green                           Black

6.  Virgo           Green, White, Yellow,                         Red, Blue
                        Emerald                                              Black

7.  Libra           Blue, Orange, White                           Green, Yellow

8.  Scorpio       Yellow, Red, Cream                           Blue, White
                        Orange                                                            Green

9.  Sagittarius  Violet, White, Cream,                          Red, Pearl,
                        Orange, Light Blue                              Black

10. Capricorn  Indigo, White, Blue                              Yellow, Cream

11. Aquarius    Indigo, Yellow, White                          Orange,Green, Blue
                        Cream                                                 Red

12. Pisces       Green, Violet, Red,                             Blue
                        Yellow, rose, Orange,
                        Cream and White

You can wear colours which are in harmony with the vibration of the day and also use favourable colours as per your birth number in the furnishings or bedsheets to promote good luck.
Colours have special properties to influence your moods and emotions. They can be used to create and enhance spaces which are in tune with the specific objectives you have in mind.
Use Colours Creatively

Yellow, Red, Turquoise and bright colours 
Raise energy level
Brown, Rust and all dark colours
Slow down energy
Light, Pink, Green
Soften Energy
Purple, White, Voilet
Enhance Spirituality
Red, Orange and Yellow
Warm colours
Blue, Blue-Green, Lavender
Cool Colours
Pink, Red, Orange
Romantic colours
Red, Black, Hot Pink, Orange
Sexual Colours
Gold, Black, Burgundy, Red and Royal Blue
Power colours
Green, Blue, Peach
Soothing colours

Directions And Colours
Astrological texts have assigned certain colours and direction to the planets. Different shades and hues of these colours can be used for the exteriors and interiors of the house-owners on the basis of their Janam-rashies or moon-signs. Colours can also be used based on the directions represented by various planets. For example, the North rooms of a house, represented by planet mercury can be in light shades of green as green is the representative colour of Mercury. North East rooms can be in shades and tones of yellow like cream etc. and West can be in shades of greys.
Different shades of green or yellow can be used in study rooms as these are colours signifying positively and wisdom. Kitchen and dining rooms can use orange as it is a social colour with considerable drive and energy. Experiment with exciting  and different colours, such as yellow, red, and purple in areas that are used for conversation. Stimulating colours help provide scintillating conversation. Indigo, violet and blue are cool colours. They have a calming, introspective influence. These colours can be used in meditation and Puja rooms.
Red is a passionate and fiery colour and should be avoided in the Bedroom as it can lead to disturbed sleep and insomania. Red, however can be used in rooms that involve activity and excitement, such as home gymnasium or a recreation room. Black is an intense, formal and sophisticated colour and should be used with caution.
Softer colours like peach, light pink, shades of blue are ideal for the bedroom. Avoid strong colours such as red, orange, black and white or black and red in the bedrooms. Use blue, violet or indigo colours for the bedrooms of people who are by nature rash and aggressive. Blue is also a good colour to be used for the rooms of children who are hyper-active and aggressive in temperament.
As per Vastu, black should not be used on gates, doors and walls that face East and South and red should not be used on gates, doors and walls that face West and North.
Colours can also be used to create moods and feel of a place. With the appropriate use of colours, you can make a large room appears smaller and more intimate, and a small room appear larger and more spacious. White, greys, greens, lilacs or blue create a feeling of space while red, pink or orange, gold, terracotta, brown or rich cream add intimacy. Sunshine colours like yellow, gold, apricot or peach can brighten up a dull and dark room, while cream and beige create a restful atmosphere.
It is important also that the room’s function must be taken into account. For instance, the living room needs to project a welcoming and classy ambiance. Whites, off whites & pastels are advised here. Bedrooms are intimate, restful places. Tranquil, serene colours are imperative here: cool blues, refreshing mauves, aquas, pale pinks are recommended here. Children’s rooms are a great place for indulging your creativity. Bright, happy colours in striking contrast are acceptable in the rooms of small children.
Definite colours are recommended for treatment of mental and physical disorders. The use of colours in combination with Yoga and diet regulation gives marvelous results. Properly used colours play an important role in health and can contribute to stable mental and physical health and alleviate human suffering. Colour therapists use solarised water kept in different coloured glass bottles, exposing the body to coloured light and meditation on coloured slides to balance the colour deficiencies in the body.
Suman Pandit

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